Yizkor Memorial Book Dear Friend,  While we won’t be holding services at Chabad in Richmond this year due to health concerns, we will be collecting names for Yizkor to make sure they will be read at a Torah on Yom Kippur. We are putting together a list of all theContinue Reading

Meaningful, melodic prayers highlighted by insightful thoughts to guide and inspire you throughout the service – all in a warm, welcoming environment.No affiliation, membership or tickets necessary. Friday, Sept 18Rosh Hashana Eve Candle Lighting: 6:54PM Community Rosh Hashana Dinner 7:30PM* Shabbat, Sept 19Rosh Hashana Day 1 Shacharit Morning Services 10:30AMContinue Reading

Can’t make it to Shul this Rosh Hashana due to COVID?Know someone who can’t make it?We have put together special packages for Rosh Hashana which include a Honey Cake, an apple, honey, pomegranate seeds and a holiday companion Machzor for you or your loved ones to celebrate Rosh Hashana atContinue Reading